Welcome to our Mallorca booking page! We have different hotels available at different times of year. Please enter the dates you are interested in to see availability, click on "Book Now" for the hotel of your choice and select your room type to see prices.

Please note that prices shown are the total cost for the room, not the cost per person (i.e a single room shows the cost for an individual on their own, a twin room shows the cost for 2 people sharing, triple for 3 people etc.). A single room is just for one person, you cannot put two people in a single room!

Packages include

  • Half-board accommodation - breakfast and dinner
  • Choice of guided rides each day
  • Return transfers from the airport with your bike (prices displayed separately per person)*

Once you have chosen your hotel and room, the airport transfer price is shown, and you have the option of booking bike hire.

* Please note that we reserve the right to use the shuttle service for flight arrivals and departures scheduled to arrive/depart between 10pm and 9am. If this is not possible or you would prefer a private transfer, there will be a £80 per person surcharge per transfer during these hours.

If you would like to book a group or if you have a query or request not covered by our booking page, please contact us directly.

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