Stuart Hall

Founder of Stuart Hall Cycling, Stuart has over 40 years of cycling experience, much of it in Europe. He first raced in Holland as a schoolboy and junior before moving to France and racing there for 10 years, based in Bordeaux and then Normandy.

Stuart Hall Cycling grew out of Stuart’s passion for cycling, and his view that the sport should be open to everyone shapes the way he runs the business. His trips all benefit from his immense experience – he’s been taking groups to Mallorca since 1987, and first rode the Marmotte in 1988…

Stuart takes care of trip logistics and leads rides. If you call him, don’t be surprised if the line is a little windy – he’s most likely riding his bike!

Jenny Fyall (Marketing and admin)

Jenny is the person most people never meet, but an integral member of the team, essential to ensuring your trip goes smoothly. She started helping Stuart out with his admin and marketing in 2012. Many people’s interaction will be limited to her polite requests for flight and payment information, but she enjoys hearing about their cycling trips and has built up a good relationship with many clients over the years. Just don’t expect to get an email from her during usual working hours as her day job involves looking after her two small children. Her eldest has just learned to ride a bike so it won’t be long before she is joining the regulars out on a Mallorca training camp! Jenny previously spent 10 years as a journalist.

Simon Day (Ride leader)

An experienced cyclist, Simon raced professionally for ANC in the 1980s, and was National Team Time Trial Champion in the 1990s. More recently he’s been National Vets Road Race champion and has numerous Vets Track Championship medals.

He has a life-long passion for cycling, and loves passing on his knowledge to others so that they can share his enjoyment of the sport. An “old-school” cyclist, Simon also embraces new technology and thinking about training, bikes and nutrition, and will happily chat to you about anything bike-related, old or new, while enjoying the beautiful scenery that is just best seen on two wheels!

Tom Fitzpatrick (Ride leader)

Tom is a 25-year-old racing cyclist and has been riding in Mallorca since 2011. He has yet to find a better place to ride and train! Tom has held an Elite licence in the UK and has also raced in Belgium, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

He enjoys taking groups out on training rides in the Sa Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca, but is equally happy on more relaxing rides with a couple of cafe stops and enjoys a glass of good vino in the bar in the evenings.


Andy Hillman aka “The Hillmanator” (Masseur)

Andy Hillman, whose previous clients have included Chris Froome, Jeremy Hunt, Baydon Cook, Rigoberto Uran and Yaroslav Popovych, is our masseur in Mallorca and on many of our other trips, often doubling up as one of our drivers. A keen cyclist himself, Andy has spent 10 years working with pro teams including Radioshack and Unibet.

Andy, who is almost two metres tall, has even earned himself the unusual nickname of The Hillmanator. “I absolutely love being around cyclists and I’ve had lots of positive feedback about my massage technique,” he says. “My massages are totally different to others. They are quite deep and firm. I’ve developed my own technique. I’ve been told that I’m not The Terminator but The Hillmanator.”

Aaron Hughes (Ride leader)

Aaron’s the youngest member of the team and brings lots of energy and enthusiasm to our camp, along with a cheeky grin and plenty of smiles. He has only been cycling just over a year, but you’d never know it to see him; he’s taken to it like a fish to water.

He especially enjoys climbing and never misses an opportunity to fly up his favourite Selva gorge climb. When he’s not riding his road bike around Mallorca he’s also taken to mountain biking around his local area in north Wales.


Thom Hughes (Ride leader)

Thom is a keen racer, covering all disciplines from mountain biking to 12 hour time trials. He started racing at 14 and has had a top 20 finish in the junior national road race championships, was club junior BAR, and had a top 3 finish in the BC under 23s at Oulton Park in 2018.

Thom sees himself as a bit of a mountain goat and can often be seen improving his tan lines at the top of a climb somewhere! However he is just as happy on a steadier ride with a couple of coffee stops, and is an excellent mechanic.

Dave Maughan (Ride leader)

David has a wealth of cycling experience, having raced at various levels for over 40 years both in the UK and abroad, and still enjoys racing. He’s completed the Masters Tour of Mallorca on several occasions, and has experience of a number of the French sportives; the Ronde Picarde in September is a firm favourite of his.

David’s moto is that he is “always happy to help” and he loves nothing more than motivating and encouraging other cyclists on the rides he leads and supports. As you’ll quickly discover when you ride with him – provided, of course, that you can understand his strong Geordie accent!

Chrissie McKay (Ride leader)

Chrissie loves cycling. Whether she’s spinning away on a gentle ride in the sunshine or battling gales and torrential rain, she’s always laughing and smiling, with boundless energy and an infectious enthusiasm.

With a background in fell-running and triathlon, she’s gravitated towards endurance cycling since first discovering Mallorca in 2017 and was the first woman to finish the inaugural 838 mile Pan Celtic Race through Scotland, Ireland and Wales in 2019.

Ed Moesli (Ride leader, mechanic)

Ed first visited Mallorca in 2012 with Loughborough University and couldn’t stay away; he has been back every year since. His background is in cross-country mountain bike racing, where he regularly competed at national level. He recently made the switch over to cyclocross to test himself in a new discipline.

Despite the short, off-road nature of cyclocross races, Ed loves long rides and is most at home when the gradient starts increasing… he is more than happy to pace you up a climb! Ed is also an experienced bicycle mechanic.

Sara Moreno (Ride leader)

Sara is a passionate cyclist, and as you’ll see when you ride with her, is always enthusiastic and positive, bounding with energy. She loves all types of cycling, whether on the road, mountain or on her fixie and enjoys travelling around Europe by bicycle.

Sara is Spanish and speaks excellent English having lived in Bristol for five years where she volunteered for British Cycling as a member of Breeze. She has also worked as a bicycle courier and a guide for Mark Warner and Evans cycles.

In addition to cycling, Sara enjoys playing all kinds of sports, and likes trying and learning new things. She is extremely sociable and loves getting to know people, sharing her experiences, knowledge and adventures.

Sue Parker (Ride leader)

Sue has been guiding and riding in the French Alps, Italy, Austria and Spain since making the transition from mountain biking to road cycling 6 years ago.

A keen climber (she particularly likes the fast descents), Sue loves the hillier rides but has a penchant for pedaling the lanes, getting to know the guests and looking forward to lunch. When not riding a bike, Sue doesn’t stay still for long and is keen trail runner, swimmer and general mountain goat.


Dave Rutherford (Ride leader, mechanic)

Our resident world champ, David is another familiar face as a long-term Stuart Hall Cycling customer and regular on the vets racing scene. His passion for cycling began as a teenager in Newcastle upon Tyne, but he really caught the racing bug when he returned to cycling in the late ’90s after taking a break for his career, with major successes both on the road and the track. He’s won two British Masters Road titles and became World Champion in the Scratch Race at his first World Masters Championships in 2011. He followed this with Bronze in the Pursuit in 2013, and then Gold again in the Team Pursuit in 2015. He’s also had 3 podium places at major Sportives.

“I enjoy the Spanish cycling community that Stuart has created and love my new role as a Ride Leader for the company” he says. David leads the fast and medium rides and likes nothing more than relaxing over a fine glass of red wine in the bar in the evening.


Jennifer Rutherford (Hotel and transport logistics)

Jennifer is the ‘better half’ of David Rutherford and fills her days welcoming our guests with a cheery smile and making sure that everything runs smoothly from a transport perspective. She loves to hear about our guests’ experiences on and off the bike and can be relied on for excellent recommendations for the best things to do with your time off!

Whilst in Mallorca Jennifer enjoys walks on the pinewalk, reading and playing bridge on her iPad.

Ben Smith (Ride leader)

Ben’s been working with Stuart since 2015 and is usually to be found leading the faster or intermediate rides. He started cycling over 10 years ago around the Warwickshire lanes, only discovering Mallorca in 2013 when fellow ride leaders Ivor and Dave persuaded him to come out. He quickly fell in love with the quiet roads, beautiful scenery and great cakes that the island is famous for – to cyclists at least!

Ben now loves nothing more than exploring the beautiful Mallorca lanes and discovering new routes, and he is learning Spanish so that he can chat more easily with the locals.

Jack Stanton-Warren (Ride leader)

Jack started road cycling aged 17 and has enjoyed all aspects of the sport ever since. He’s raced in the UK and Belgium, has an elite licence and is current divisional champion.

Jack loves exploring new places by bike, and thoroughly enjoys pedalling through the beautiful Mallorca lanes, swapping stories with other cyclists. He is also partial to a good café stop!

A qualified first aider and British cycling coach, Jack enjoys listening to music and experimenting the kitchen in his spare time.


Ivor Thomas (Ride leader)

Ivor is another well-known member of the team having ridden in Mallorca for over 20 years. He started out life as a triathlete (winning both the National Championship and BTA Grand Prix Series) before he saw the light – he now only competes in cycle races. That is when he isn’t climbing or skiing…

Ivor has ridden the Masters Tour of Mallorca over 10 times and currently races both on the road and track in the UK. He’s also a regular competitor in European sportives and has an extensive knowledge of parts of the French Alps. He takes out the intermediate rides.

Ian Turner (Ride leader, support)

Ian loves cycling. Pure and simple. He started racing in the ’70s and has ridden his bike ever since. Having moved to live in the Pyrenees over 15 years ago, he’s become something of a mountain goat – as you might expect if your usual evening circuit takes in the col d’Aspin…

A regular in Mallorca, Ian also provides support for many of our French trips over the summer. He’s got a very laid-back, can-do manner and there are few more welcome sights when the going gets tough on the Alpine and Pyrenean climbs than his smiling face with a ready quip and a cold drink.

Ian prefers beer to wine, and believes the best is always the first cold beer after a ride. Although the second and third usually taste pretty good too…

Wayne Van den Bergh (Ride leader)

A keen tester in his racing days, Wayne is also an experienced track and crit racer and has been coming out to Mallorca with us on and off since the 1990s. He professes to prefer riding hard on the flats with a tail-wind to bringing up the rear on the climbs, but wherever he is in the pack, there is sure to be a large smile and endless string of humerous banter accompanying him. A mixture of African, Kiwi and Welshman rolled into one, you’ll usually find him in the bar in the evening – Wayne enjoys nothing more than having a good chat and re-hydrating with like-minded people after a good day in the saddle.

The above are just some of our regular team – we have a variety of others who are involved on individual trips, or during specific periods in Mallorca. If you are interested in becoming a ride leader, please contact us.